Mure Denoise or Drizzle Integration with Noise Reduction

The PixInsight Mure Denoise Script does a great job of removing noise from your astrophotography images. However, opting for Mure Denoise means that you are unable to use Drizzle Integration. I believe that a 2X drizzle integration creates a smoother final image.

But instead of doing what I believed to be right, I decided to run a test. I was going to compare what my image would look like with my Mure Denoise Script process vs the combination of TGV Denoise and Multiscale Linear Transform combination.


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PixInsight LRGB+HA Workflow

The LRGB+HA workflow uses either 4 or 5 filters

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Hydrogen-alpha
  • Luminance (optional)

Adding a hydrogen-alpha filter into the mix allows for certain images (especially galaxies) to show more of the hydrogen-dominated regions.



PixInsight Star Mask

Star masks are critical to the PixInsight process. Initially, the creation of a star mask is time consuming and prone to error until you find the right settings for your imaging rig.


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