M16 – The Eagle Nebula with the Pillars of Creation

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The Eagle Nebula is a cluster of stars newly formed or in the process of forming. On April 1, 1995, the Hubble Space Telescope captured an image of the central region of the nebula, which is now famously referred to as the Pillars of Creation. You can see these pillars within the middle of my image. You can al see another feature within this image, the Stellar Spire, which is located to the top-left of the Pillars. Just like the pillars, the Spire is a birthplace of stars.

Located in the constellation Serpens, The Eagle Nebula is 5,700 light years away. Officially, the Eagle Nebula is considered an open cluster. However, a much larger region, identified as IC 4703, is an emission nebula, which contains a strong hydrogen-alpha signal.


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