Because we added the right ascension and declination coordinates to the FITS headers with the PixInsight Image Solver script, aligning our images is extremely easy.

Mosaic by Coordinates

PixInsight Mosaic by Coordinates uses the image’s coordinates stored within the FITS header to align the pieces of the mosaic together.

Mosaic by coordinates
Mosaic by Coordinates

Simply select the pieces of the mosaic and define an output directory.


Once the process completes, each piece of the mosaic will get placed onto a larger black canvas.

Mosaic Pieces aligned
Mosaic Pieces aligned

Here you can see all 15 pieces of the mosaic displayed on a black canvas that encompasses the maximum size of the mosaic.

Save the files.

What’s Next

Now that the images are aligned, we need to have the brightness adjusted so they will merge together seamlessly. This is done with DNA Linear Fit.