The M95 galaxy (also known as NGC 3351), located in the constellation Leo, is a barred spiral galaxy 32 million light.

Imaging Details

  • Workflow: LRGB
  • Lum Filter: 50*180
  • Red Filter: 10*300 seconds
  • Green Filter: 10*300 seconds
  • Blue Filter: 10*300 seconds
  • Binning: 1×1
  • Total Imaging Time: 5 hours
  • Imaging Dates (5 nights):
    • 4/3/2021
    • 5/4/2021
    • 5/7/2021

M95 Imaging Notes

Midway through imaging M95, I cleaned my optics and damaged my focal reducer. I had to restart my imaging run of M95 without the reducer in place, drastically slowing down my imaging rig and narrowing my field of view.

Due to the lost time, I was only able to gather around 5 hours of data, resulting in an image that is still quite noisy. However, having this narrower field of view does help to bring about more details/structure within the galaxy. I will save the calibrated images and try to capture additional frames early in 2022.