Comet PANSTARRS C/2017 T2 (Video)

This video was taken of the comet PANSTARRS C/2017 T2, near Ursa Major

Comet PANSTARRS C/2017 T2

Imaging Details

  • Luminance: 90 images at 60 seconds with 4 minute pause between frames
  • Imaging Dates: 5/8/2020


  • This video was taken during a full moon. For the first part of the video, you can make out a little of the comet’s tail, which occurred before the full moon rose.
  • The flashes within the video occurred when high, thin clouds rolled through
  • Each frame with the video was processed as follows
    • Bias, darks and flat corrected
    • Star aligned
    • Cropped
    • Automatic background extraction
    • Noise reduction with multiscale linear transform
    • Video generated with Blink process