PixInsight LRGB+HA Workflow

The LRGB+HA workflow uses either 4 or 5 filters

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Hydrogen-alpha
  • Luminance (optional)

Adding a hydrogen-alpha filter into the mix allows for certain images (especially galaxies) to show more of the hydrogen-dominated regions.

For luminance, this workflow will work with either a synthetic luminance or a real luminance. A real luminance is preferred if you are able to image at a location with low light pollution or through a light pollution suppressing filter as these will allow for longer exposures, which means more signal and detail. If this filter is not available, simply use a synthetic luminance.

The Reference Frames and Pre-Processing steps can either be done manually or with an automated process by leveraging the Weighted Batch Preprocessing Script

Reference Frame Workflow

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